I am not an NTSB investigator.  I’m not an experienced pilot.  I’m in college and still impressionable, so my credibility is in the fact that I am not (yet) jaded or biased, short of being a pilot and not a manager or maintenance professional.

Currently a commercial pilot with instrument and multi ratings, as well as a CFI and about 400 hours, the academic emphasis on safety I’ve had over the last several years can be held accountable for this blog.  I have been involved in student research efforts that combine systems thinking, process perception, and aviation problems ranging from pilot complacency to runway incursions and human factors.  And although I am in debt (quite literally) to my goal of becoming a professional pilot, these experiences have motivated me to pursue system safety in the professional arena.

This blog is intended to be a haven of alternative thought for aviation safety practices and methodologies.  The reference to chaos may not be constant while I reiterate the latest in pertinent headlines, but my mission is to discuss current issues from the perspective of an aviator with questions to ask, thoughts to share, and an industry to improve.

Brian Futterman



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